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ArtOTC Electro-Optical Tracer Cutting Machine
The ArtOTC Electro-optical tracing Cutting Machine is a unique and efficient system for automatic gas cutting equipment, allowing complex shapes to be cut in a very simple manner. The machine is very affordable, easy to install and simple to operate, and designed to be reliable and convenient to service. The machine uses the LINATROL photoelectric tracing system for motion control and to activate gas cutting. The system follows a pattern or shape outline, and then completes 1:1 work piece cutting. The ArtOTC is the perfect choice for low volume cutting and maintenance applications.
Type Parameter
ArtOTC Electro-Optical Tracer Cutting Machine
Machine Width 2.5m or Upon request of customers
Driving Mode Single side or Dual side
Length Of Rail According to customer requirement
Effective Cutting Width 1.5m standard - custom sizes optional according to customer requirement
Effective Cutting Length 1.8m less than rail length
Maximum speed 6000mm/min
Cutting Speed 100 - 750 mm/min
Cutting thickness 6 - 80mm
Number of cutting torches According to cusiomer requirement - optional automatic ignition and capacitive height control
Cutting Mode Flame (oxygen and fuel-gas)
Servo System Yaskawa Sigma Series standard - optional Panasonic
Gearbox NEUGART Planetary Reducer
Tracing System Linatrol HL90 (Canada)
Tracking mode Follows the edge of a shape drawing / template
Pattern line width >= 0.6mm
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